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  1. Under LifeTimes’ Terms and Conditions you must be at least 13 years old to be a Member. This is because we value the privacy of our members. However we understand that children may want to use the LifeTimes website. if you have one of your parent's join LifeTimes you can work with them to build and enrich your family history.
  2. Imagine Lifetimes is a satirical simulation game about the meaning of life. Shape your path through a series of life-changing decisions as you choose your way to the end. As in real life, two randomly generated parents define your character through genes.
  3. Apr 07,  · Lifetimes Lyrics: 'Cause I found love in you / Doing it right, doing it right / I'll walk the world for you / Doing it right, doing it right / Seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes / Doing it right.
  4. Lifetimes is a moving book for children of all ages, even parents too. It lets us explain life and death in a sensitive, caring, beautiful way. Lifetimes tells us about beginnings/5.
  5. Seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes Doing it right, doing it right I found love in you Doing it right, doing it right Hands up for a miracle Up high for a miracle Oh the smoke don't stop but we let it go But we let it go on and on Flashback to a year ago Count stacks, fifty-two ago All the hope, drop down like a domino But we let it go on and on.
  6. Lifetimes Winter Campaign- Not Everyone is Dreaming of a White Christmas. Help us raise money, donations and awareness this Christmas-Find out more inresticensupameharmmedrocksettna.coinfo is an especially treacherous time for people sleeping rough and in the past three months a 20 percent spike has been reported in the number of rough sleepers currently in London. Since October , Lifetimes .
  7. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! a legend in (one's) own lifetime A person who has an extraordinary level of fame or reputation while they are still alive. The singer has made such a huge impact on the world of blues that she's come to be a legend in her own lifetime. See also: legend, lifetime, own.

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