8 thoughts on “ Lifted 2nd Take - Various - Autopilot (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Dec 21,  · It is my opinion that the debate over basic airmanship v. high-tech has become confused. Advances in information technology have done wonders for all forms of aviation and should be embraced by all. I think the jury is still out on some forms of automation though autopilots have gotten a lot better. They can still be deadly in the hands of a pilot who doesn’t fully understand the system.
  2. Jul 27,  · One of the coolest parts about a vinyl record is that the different grooves play different songs on the album. So you can jump around or repeat your music however you like, simply by .
  3. Nov 05,  · Second, as with everything vinyl related, it’s pricey. Seeing as they are brand new albums–and in some cases, exclusive pressings–an album a month for .
  4. In an age of universal internet-based access to music, many record labels, distribution companies, and shops have had to shut down. These music-obsessed specialists, with their taste and expertise, have all but disappeared from the public eye, signifying the loss of the filter role that they used to play. A lot of the activities that used to be core responsibilities of record companies and.
  5. At present there are two distinct versions of this album: the original, and the remaster which has several different mixes. The release compared to the – "17 Again" is slightly different at the breakdown around This mix has flanged "hey hey" vocals, a longer pause and no 'ting!'.
  6. Nov 25,  · Last Updated: November 25, The Vinyl Inspector: what to look for examining a vinyl record.. We all hope that the old vinyl records we buy will be perfect, but the reality is that, with the passage of fifty years, in the hands of many owners, vinyl has often been handled carelessly, and played on a particular piece of equipment that raised significantly the risk of damage: the ’60s.
  7. Lifted is a stellar new project sparked off by Matthew Papich (Co La) and Future Times overlord Max D for PAN. Realised and rendered together with Jordan GCZ and Gigi Masin, among others, their debut LP '1' is an elegant exercise in breaking free of the grid, consolidating a spectrum of congruent ideas and idiosyncratic styles with a beautifully communal spirit putting a contemporary spin on.
  8. Surf's Up is the 17th studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released in It was met with a warm critical reception and reached number 29 on the US record charts, becoming their best-performing album in their home country since

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