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  1. Look Away Lyrics: When you called me up this morning / Told me about the new love you found / I said "I'm happy for you / I'm really happy for you" / Found someone else / I guess I won't be coming.
  2. look away (from someone or something) to turn one's gaze away from someone. She looked away from him, not wishing her eyes to give away her true feelings. In embarrassment, she looked away.
  3. look-away | definition: perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards | synonyms: take a look, look around, eyeball, gawk, look backward, give the eye, gape.
  4. "Look Away" is the main theme song for the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was written by composer Nick Urata, featuring lyrics by Daniel Handler. The song is performed by Neil Patrick Harris, and plays during the Opening inresticensupameharmmedrocksettna.coinfoers: Nick Urata Daniel Handler (lyrics).
  5. Define look away. look away synonyms, look away pronunciation, look away translation, English dictionary definition of look away. Verb 1. look away - avert one's gaze; "She looked away when the nurse pricked her arm with the needle" look - perceive with attention; direct one's gaze.
  6. Nov 02,  · A lonely year-old high schooler opens up to her reflection because of the lack of support she has from family and her peers. She switches place with her supportive, but evil, twin that she discovers in the mirror's reflection, but the newfound freedom unleashes suppressed feelings. Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis/10(14K).
  7. Aug 01,  · Look away, look away, look a long, long way toward Dixie Joe Holley Aug. 1, 2 1 of 2 Descendants of American Southerners wearing Confederate-era .
  8. Lookaway Golf Club, located in the heart of Bucks County is about lifestyle. A “Private Equity” club with partners, where there are no tee times, allowing the membership to play when they want to play.

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