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  1. They drank from the spiritual rock that went with them, and that rock was Christ. New American Standard and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them; and the rock was Christ. King James Bible.
  2. Alcoholism destroys a person’s brain, liver, and blood vessels. To condone drinking of any alcohol for those who are susceptible to temptation and addiction is sin. “ Give none offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles (unbelievers), nor to the church of God” (1Cor).
  3. Apr 24,  · Drunkenness is a sin I have yet to meet a Christian who argues that being drunk is not a sin. But moderate drinking that’s where things get complicated. Wine drinking is something we find often in the Bible, and it is even spoken of in a positive manner.
  4. Jul 31,  · The Bible never gives detailed instructions about drinking. It does, however, give principles every Christian should consider. Bottom line: Scripture prohibits drunkenness, not drinking. If a Christian choosees to consume alcohol, they should do so with moderation and self-control.
  5. By what you eat, do not destroy the one for whom Christ died. So do not let what you regard as good be spoken of as evil. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Whoever thus serves Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men.
  6. Although alcohol is by no means a central scriptural issue, the Bible alludes to its use. The problem emerged in Jewish experience after the conquest of Canaan. The land of Canaan flowed not only.
  7. Jan 02,  · Getting drunk is a sin. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, or some other addictive behavior, Jesus said, “You cannot serve two masters” (Matthew ). When we get drunk, or even slightly affected by alcohol or drugs, we are serving a master other than the Lord. Choosing to follow Jesus means choosing against our old sinful patterns and lifestyle.
  8. If we are in Christ, there is no condemnation for us (Romans ). We belong to Him. Nothing can separate us from Him. But, you might ask, if the Christian life is such, then what keeps a person from coming to Christ and then using the liberty that person gains to go out and sin all they want? Paul answers this question as well in Romans 6.

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