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  1. Americans’ health conditions is a lie. Campos uses rhetoric devices such as statistics that involve America’s $50 billion diet industry and his opinion to persuade the reader that it is OK to be fat. He is addressing American citizens in this essay. Campos is a law professor at the University of Colorado which gives him great credibility.
  2. Persuasive words, Logical fallacies and Intent signals Persuasive words How are words used so as to get you to go along with what the speaker intends, perhaps .
  3. Because our rhetoric is less photographic than additive–language use is more a projection of the self than a “perfect copy” of reality–we use it to bend impressions to match our unique view of the world. It’s little wonder that a person’s stories about a vacation are .
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  5. Most of those people mentioned in the ad were thought to be crazy, however, they proved to be completely opposite. This idea strengthens the logos here and creates a logical perspective for the viewer. Marita Struken and Lisa Cartwright state, “We use words to understand, describe, and define the world as we see it, and we also use images to.
  6. Rhetoric - Rhetoric - Rhetoric in philosophy: the new rhetoric: There is nothing of philosophical interest in a rhetoric that is understood as an art of expression, whether literary or verbal. Rhetoric, for the proponents of the new rhetoric, is a practical discipline that aims not at producing a work of art but at exerting through speech a persuasive action on an audience.

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