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  1. May 08,  · An examiner typically can conclude two bullets were fired from the same gun if the marks on them are in "sufficient agreement." This essentially means that the marks on the two bullets look alike when compared under a microscope. It's a subjective standard applied by examiners based on their years of experience.
  2. A cartridge or a round is a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition packaging a projectile (bullet, shot or slug), a propellant substance (usually either smokeless powder or black powder) and an ignition device within a metallic, paper or plastic case that is precisely made to fit within the barrel chamber of a breechloading gun, for the practical purpose of convenient transportation and.
  3. A game of russian roulette in which two bullets are placed consecutively in a gun with two people.
  4. Police said a man driving a three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot pulled out a gun and fired at least 16 shots into the crowd, with one of those bullets hitting a year-old woman and another striking.
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  6. Bullet designs have to solve two main problems. A bullet must fit tightly in the gun's bore (inside of the barrel). If it does not fit tightly, gas from the burning gunpowder leaks past the bullet and does not help push it out. The bullet must also fit tightly against the rifling (spiral grooves cut into the barrel), but not so tightly that it causes damage.
  7. Jul 24,  · Time and again over the past two decades, peace officers have targeted demonstrators with munitions designed to stun and stop rather than kill. Police used rubber bullet gun, projectiles on.
  8. Jun 27,  · For guns, “caliber” means the diameter of the barrel and thus the diameter of the bullet that is going through it. Usually in inches or mm. Also for terminology’s sake, “bullet” just means the metal projectile, while the entire thing is called a cartridge.
  9. The two will begin to average out, forming a parabola (or bullet drop) over distance, as the two forces work against each other. But, since we have applied energy to the mass in a linear direction different than that of the linear direction of the gravitational energy, we have acted on it, which as Newton so aptly pointed out, will affect its.

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