9 thoughts on “ Coloradial Drive - Nokalypse - Between Trouble And Desire (CDr)

  1. Aug 02,  · I have a Microsoft Word file that I wanted to save on to a CD, and when I put the blank CDR in the drive, it first asked me how I wanted to open it. I cancelled out of that and just brought up the file I wanted to save, and dragged it over to the Drive E spot, and it always says, "No cd in drive" or doesn't recognize or, etc.
  2. Mar 29,  · Recently my dvdr/cdr-w drive went out but it still plays dvds but wont burn or anything so i had an extra cdr-w drive. I hook them up to the IDE cable and only 1 of them comes up at a time it's like when i have them both plug in it reads the slave as master and it blocks out the dvdr drive. when i unplug the slave (cdr-w) it reconizes the dvd drive, can someone help .
  3. Feb 14,  · CD DRIVE NOT READING CD-R & CD-RW but reading software cd's by mysty Feb 13, AM PST. My HP cd writer drive is not reading cd-r's and cd-rw's either blank ones or ones that i burnt.
  4. Jul 18,  · The next solution to help us encounter the problem of CD-Drive not working is to use the CD/DVD ‘Fix it’ Troubleshooter. To enable the troubleshooter, all one has to do is click ‘Run Now’ and follow the onscreen instructions that appear. This is more or less a conclusive step to eliminate the problem of CD-Drive not working.
  5. Apr 18,  · Recently my computer has just suddenly stopped allowing me to use my CD-R/Disc drive. I have an Emachines computer, with Windows XP. ghz Intel processor, 40gb harddrive, mb DDR, 6 usb ports.. I have a cable router hooked up from this computer, to my parents computer.
  6. I cant play or even read that there is a cd or dvd in the drive. everytime i try to run it it says please insert a disc into drive e and it ejects whatever is it there. plz help.
  7. Not just the brand (e.g. TDK, Memorex etc) but also the type e.g. CD-R, CD+R etc 3. Yes a DVD will record anything that a CD will record (assuming you can get the bloomin' thing to work!), but you can get almost 5Gigabytes (Mbyes) of data on a DVD whereas CDs can only store Mbytes, so DVDs are a lot more convenient as a back-up.
  8. If you have a CD-RW or blank CD-R in your drive, but RealPlayer does not detect it as writable, the disc may be scratched, dirty, or damaged. Please replace the disc with a clean and non-damaged disc. Solution 2: Change the default CD-burning drive. RealPlayer cannot detect a writable CD if the drive is not the default CD burner drive.
  9. cd drive does not recognize cd-r disk i have a when i put a blank cd-r in the drive the computer does not recognize that the disk is in. i get a message that tells me to "insert cd" when the disk is already in. the drive WILL play music cds and cd .

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