3 thoughts on “ Long Time Jerk - The Clash - Super Black Market Clash (Vinyl)

  1. Black Market Clash uses an edited take of Justice Tonight/Kick It Over (the dub mix of Armagideon Time), Super Black Market Clash uses an unedited take which runs almost 2 minutes longer. So although at first glance the shared portions of the two compilations may appear the same, their content is actually quite different/5(27).
  2. Gonna scrape the trouble off my boots! As they were dancing in the evening And the light shone through the trees This girl my eye was following Asked the band to play her a beat Singin' she'd do that long time jerk She hit me where it hurts Ohhh your heart Now my heart will burst Oh no Ah, but it took me back to that wonderland I witnessed long ago Babbling words of preachers .
  3. Dec 01,  · The expanded version, Super Black Market Clash, used the version, aka 'Capital Radio Two' - by the time this was released, Capital Radio One had become the 'common' version, appearing on the Story Of The Clash collection, AND then the Clash .

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