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  1. 1. To move in or have a curving or twisting course: a river winding through a valley. 2.
  2. A long procession was winding down from the city to the shore to the sound of flutes and pipes. It looked a regular crowd, winding down the lawn and down the avenue. He found a ford, and reached a pathway where a line of wagons loaded with the wounded was winding down the slope. SEE MORE EXAMPLES.
  3. wind down, to lessen in intensity so as to bring or come to a gradual end: The war is winding down. to calm down; relax: He's too excited tonight to wind down and sleep.
  4. WW II is winding down in , and top Nazis flee westward through "neutral," dangerous Spain, hoping to find refuge in South America. Last Boat to Cadiz But the organisation, estimated to have created more than 70 jobs and safeguarded more than existing ones, is winding down its operations, to close down March and June.
  5. wind down meaning: 1. to gradually relax after doing something that has made you tired or worried: 2. to gradually. Learn more.
  6. 1. calm down, unwind, take it easy, unbutton (informal), put your feet up, de-stress (informal), outspan (S. African), cool down or off I need a drink to help me wind down. 2. subside, decline, diminish, come to an end, dwindle, tail off, taper off, slacken off The relationship was winding down by more or less mutual agreement.
  7. The Trump administration's discussions about winding down the task force come as a revised mortality model from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE.
  8. Winding Down, as a title, is a double-edged sword. It can connote a state of relaxation, taking it easy, and slowing things down. However, after reading the liner notes (which are a must read in this instance), I realized that Nevue may also mean that time is winding down or better yet, counting down.

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