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  1. " Knights of Cydonia " is a song by English alternative rock band Muse and is the closing track on their album Black Holes and Revelations. The song's title comes in part from the region of Mars named Cydonia, famous for the " face on Mars ".B-side: "Assassin" (Grand Omega Bosses Edit).
  2. Cydonia Gastropub ir vieta, kur ikviens var justies kā mājās. Mēs atrodamies pašā Rīgas centrā − Berga Bazārā. Mēdz teikt, ka, atrodoties Cydonia, laiks paskrien nemanot, tāpēc mūsu mājīgajās telpās, ikviens var paslēpties no ikdienas steigas.
  3. Directed by Juan Pablo Arriagada. With Luis Vitalino Grandón, Antonia Bosman, Orlando Alfaro, Vivianne Dietz. A new world order known as Cydonia will try to prevent at all cost the beginning of the evolution.
  4. This book "Cydonia, the secret chronicles of Mars" is a very well written book. When I first read it, David E. Flynn talks a lot about the "Heros" that we have read 5/5(3).
  5. A massive two-mile long ‘FACE’ was spotted in the so-called Cydonia region on Mars, leaving experts in total confusion. NASA even had a press conference to announce this discovery. NASA described it as a “huge rock formation which resembles a human head formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose, and mouth.”.
  6. Cydonia is the generally-accepted name for the final mission of UFO: Enemy Unknown, in which X-Com assaults the alien menace at its source. A great deal of research is required to discover Cydonia, a great deal of engineering is required to reach it, and (naturally) a great deal of skill is required to assault it.
  7. Quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) belongs to the Maloideae subfamily of the Rosaceae family, which includes apples and pears, all of them commercially important fruits. Changes in the Antioxidant Properties of Quince Fruit (Cydonia oblonga Miller) during Jam Production at Industrial Scale.
  8. Cydonia ▷ English Translation - Examples Of Use Cydonia In A Sentence In German Translations of the word CYDONIA from german to english and examples of the use of "CYDONIA" in a sentence with their translations: Cydonia ist ein asteroid des hauptgürtels.
  9. Cydonia is comprised of short pop songs, often with vocals, that are more content to safely tread water than explore the ocean. This was nothing like previous Orb releases and for me was my first disappointment with the Orb. In the past the Orb created sonic worlds that blended into one another with a kind of serendipitous cohesion/5(48).

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