8 thoughts on “ Filth Ov God (tanz Mix) - ...Of Tanz Victims - Fighting False God (Vinyl)

  1. Aug 11,  · It is here, it is finally here. The TANZ ALBUM. This is the album of the revolution TANZ army. Listen and you will become apart of the TANZ ARMY.
  2. Halfway through the 80s, the Montreal band Of Tanz Victims scored a modest hit in our region with the EP Fighting False God. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of that album, Arttofact Records released a remastered version of this Canadian classic.
  3. Whereas, “There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (1Tim ). When we seek for something other than faith to connect to, in order to have a sense of service for God, or we desire to worship God in a form other than in .
  4. Dec 14,  · An overview of the products and services on offer at Tanz. Yasha & Daniela - Amazing Kid Dancers Dance to Pitbull and Tina Turner - America's Got Talent - .
  5. God’s move is sovereign and it is up to Him to perform miracles, signs and wonders in His time. We cannot demand when and where He should move. As God has spoken to my heart to send this e-mail to you, it will be up to the Holy Spirit to speak to you whether I can be of service to your ministry.

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